Friday, June 22, 2007


A low-cost biomass pellets making extruder has been designed by Dr. N. Sai Bhaskar Reddy. This design is a modification of traditional dish muruk (vermicelli like threads of chick pea flour, etc which are deep fried in oil) making machine of large size. A plate is welded with two 1 inch size diameter pipes of 2 inches in length, to create the guide for extrusion of the dough. This plate has very fine openings too. Another feature is the creation of the support wooden pieces for support for operation and making the device lighter to carry it easily. The biomass preparations which were tried are cowdung + rice husk, cowdung+ charcoal powder. Different biomass combinations are being tried.

The cost of the device is Rs. 1,000 (one thousand only) or about $ 25 USD.

Convinent to handle even by women.

Different types of wasted biomass mixed with binding materail, could be made into pellets with this pellets making machine. With this device the villages could use the charcoal, cow dung, agiculture residue, etc for income.

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